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    According to the Gallup polling and consultancy group, the cost of replacing an individual employee can range from one-half to two times the employee's annual salary.

    Outsourcing and Freelancing services offer a resourcing alternative that can save companies money and speed up the onboarding process...

    ...but the vetting process is often less rigorous than for a full hire, and yet the impact on team dynamics and productivity is often the same or even more pronounced.

    It’s not enough to just find someone who can do the work. Successful placement requires finding a strong culture fit.

    Dissatisfied employees and contract resources can reduce productivity through:

    • Poor morale
    • Underperformance
    • Increased overhead
    • Resistance to change
    • Communication breakdowns
    • Disruptive or unethical behavior
    Ultimately these people will leave or be pushed out.
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    Incorporate OptiMatch into your resourcing process for higher satisfaction and engagement.

    High worker satisfaction is about more than reducing turnover. Companies with right-fit employees and contract workers experience:

    • More successful placements
    • Improved communication and team dynamics
    • Increased innovation, creativity and adaptability
    • More alignment with less conflict
    • Lower overall operating expenses
    • An enhanced organizational reputation

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