Are you ready to stop struggling with high churn rates, decreased satisfaction, and financial losses due to poor matches in your business?

Increase satisfaction with OptiMatch's proven technology.

See how the power of our SaaS algorithm delivers proven increases in satisfaction, higher retention rates, and increased revenue for businesses and marketplaces.

OptiMatch is designed to be integrated into your existing recruitment process and used alongside your other tools.

Our cutting-edge algorithms facilitate successful matches between employees and employers or customers and practitioners, resulting in proven increased satisfaction, effective sessions, higher retention rates, and increased revenue.

Say goodbye to the friction, frustration, and inefficiency of poor matches, and hello to success with OptiMatch.

How OptiMatch Works

We began with a proprietary system developed over decades, which matches clients to service providers based on a variety of motivating factors.

We then refined and codified this matching system to create an algorithm that initially tested at an 87% success rate, and have since continued to improve with even better results.

  • Users fill out a survey which produces a profile.
  • Profiles are matched using our unique algorithm.
  • A feedback loop allows clients and practitioners to score the match.
  • This data flows back into an AI feedback system which continuously improves the algorithm.
Any Business or Marketplace
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OM Heals Marketplace

Our solutions are market tested.

To test the OptiMatch engine, we started with something we are passionate about. We created OM-Heals, a marketplace of holistic therapists, and coaches.

After over 150 completed sessions, therapists/coaches and users reported an 87% satisfaction rate resulting in more repeat sessions booked due to successful matches.

We also tested it with employees and employers to enhance team performance, retention, and satisfaction.

Our Mission & Focus

We build tools that connect humanity and unleash the full scope of human potential.

At OptiMatch, we believe that great things are achieved through collaboration, cooperation, and mutual understanding. That’s why we’re dedicated to the development of proprietary tools to help people find the perfect match.

Our initial focus is centered on three areas where we have decades of combined experience: recruitment, a $200+ billion industry; coaching and training, a $380+ billion industry; and mental health and wellness, a rapidly growing market projected to be worth over $500 billion by 2030. Beyond that, the OptiMatch technology can be used in a variety of applications — anywhere you can match people based on motivating factors.

”OptiMatch has come up with a game changer that has wide application and effectively deals with the challenges of DEI implementation and the elimination of affirmative action.”

– Dr. Mark Goulston

Our Team

Our founder, Jennifer Hill, previously built and sold a successful recruitment company that focused on matching employees and job seekers for maximum satisfaction. She partnered with her long-time friend and coach, Julien Adler, to bring this approach to the OptiMatch’s A.I. platform.

Jennifer K Hill

Jennifer K. Hill

CEO // Co-founder

  • Founder and CEO of profitable, bootstrapped legal staffing company acquired by a subsidiary of Marcum LLP
  • Host of higher consciousness shows with guests including Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton
  • Global speaker on employee retention, communication mastery, wellness and leadership
  • BA, University of CA Irvine, member of UCI Dean’s Leadership Society
Julien Adler

Julien Adler

CTO // Co-founder

  • 30 years entrepreneurial experience advising NASA, Stanford University, Visa, Google, Apple, GS, BoA, MetLife and other Fortune 500 companies
  • MD of Albion Angel Investments, an impact investment fund providing seed capital to startups in crypto, AI, analytical technologies and medical cannabis
  • Served as CEO, CTO and financial advisor at multiple startups
  • Dedicated to international relief efforts

David Sals


  • Served as SVP of Product, VP of Technology and acting CTO for multiple EdTech companies
  • Over a decade of implementing strategic initiatives, managing resources, driving efficiency and effectiveness, while managing cross-functional, geographically-distributed teams
  • Over a decade of training and development partnership with Julien Adler
  • Published author and playwright, and founder of three improv troupes


Mardoche Sidor, MD

Mardoche Sidor, MD

  • Quadruple Board-Certified Psychiatrist, 21 years of experience
  • Clinical Professor at Columbia University
  • Founder, CEO of SWEET Institute

  • Fellowships at Harvard Medical School and Mt. Sinai
Dr. Rakesh Suri

Dr. Rakesh Suri​

  • First President of International Operations at the Cleveland Clinic
  • Professor of Surgery, Chair off Enterprise Robotic Practice at Mayo Clinic

  • Former CEO of Fountain Life and Cleveland Clinic

  • 340+ peer-reviewed journal articles and books
  • 15+ patents and several FDA multi-center trials
Len Rosenthal

Len Rosenthal

  • Head of Strategy and Marketing at L.A. Care Health Plan for 11 years, where he rolled out automating processes for ~5,000 doctors

  • Regional President of Firstlight Home Care

  • Executive Director of Marketing, Communications and PR at University Health Centers in California

  • Marketing and Strategy Lead at Cobham
Justin Namaha

Justin Namaha

  • General Partner at Silicon Valley venture capital fund

  • COO to Deepak Chopra Foundation
  • Mentor to technology startups at Founder Institute
  • 15 years of legal experience as federal prosecutor and partner at premier AMLAW firms
Tori Master

Tori Master

  • 20+ years designing and implementing data collection and analysis systems for companies like Elcoteq, Nokia, Ericsson
  • Designed and developed several GDPR- compliant personal data storage and processing applications
  • Released two health apps in the Apple store

  • 2x CEO and lead mentor in Founders Network

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