OptiMatch partners with The Octopus Movement think tank to foster high-trust connections with its members

The Octopus Movement, a global ‘mycelium’ coalition of nonlinear thinkers, will leverage the OptiMatch matching algorithm to increase member engagement

PALO ALTO, CA, UNITED STATES , July 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — OptiMatch announces its collaboration with The Octopus Movement, a diverse collective of 7,000 non-linear thinkers spanning the globe.

Jennifer K. Hill, CEO of OptiMatch

Perry Knoppert, Founder of The Octopus Movement

OptiMatch is known for its cutting-edge matching algorithm that aligns people based on motivating factors. By leveraging OptiMatch’s advanced matching technology to bring members together, The Octopus Movement anticipates a surge in collaboration, idea exchange, and collective action among its members through the platform.

The Octopus Movement, renowned for its commitment to unconventional thinking and creative problem-solving, welcomes the partnership with OptiMatch as a pivotal step towards amplifying its impact worldwide.

Jennifer K. Hill, OptiMatch CEO and Co-founder, says, “As a neurodiverse person myself, I struggled to understand and effectively communicate with others most of my life. Collaborating with The Octopus Movement allows me to give back by helping other non-linear thinkers to develop more meaningful connections.”

In a striking revelation from a 2023 Gallup study, an alarming 24% of individuals across 142 countries reported experiencing loneliness, underscoring a global epidemic of isolation. The findings emphasize the critical need for enhanced measures in psychological safety and fostering a sense of belonging. As societies grapple with these challenges, it becomes increasingly clear that addressing this crisis is imperative for both community well-being and individual health.

In 2021 and 2022, OptiMatch researched the concept of psychological safety within a marketplace featuring 100 top-tier coaches and therapists. During its beta testing phase, OptiMatch discovered that aligning individuals based on shared motivating factors significantly enhances mutual satisfaction and psychological safety. This innovative approach has proven remarkably effective, yielding a satisfaction rate of 87.5% among participants.

OptiMatch is committed to fostering deeper, more meaningful connections between people, setting new standards not only in therapeutic and coaching marketplaces but also in communities like The Octopus Movement.

“This partnership aims to cultivate enhanced connectivity and foster innovation on a global scale,” said Perry Knoppert, The Octopus Movement’s visionary founder. “OptiMatch can help us by creating new pathways within the Human Mycelium.”

OptiMatch released the beta version of their new Partner Portal on May 24, 2024. The portal enables organizations to leverage the OptiMatch algorithm for recruiting, team and community building, and marketplace right-fit alignment of practitioners and clients.

Hill will be speaking at Deepak Chopra’s Sages and Scientists event in Mallorca in October of 2024 about the importance of human connection and resilience. More information about this and other events can be found at the OptiMatch website.

About OptiMatch:
OptiMatch is a leading provider of innovative matching solutions, utilizing advanced algorithms to connect individuals and groups based on shared interests and objectives. Headquartered in Palo Alto, OptiMatch is dedicated to generating and enhancing high-trust relationships, avoiding accidental adversarial dynamics between people, and facilitating collaboration across diverse communities.

About The Octopus Movement:
The Octopus Movement is a dynamic collective of 7,000 non-linear thinkers from around the world, united by a shared commitment to innovation, creativity, and positive change. Through its global network, The Octopus Movement empowers individuals to challenge conventional norms and drive impactful solutions to complex societal challenges.

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